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Surrounded by evil, how long can one man's good intentions last? February 1941, Berlin: A murderer is on a killing spree. The Murder Squad is in the midst of the biggest manhunt the city has ever seen. Georg Heuser is the idealistic, brilliant young detective set to crack the case. July 1959, West Germany: Lawyers Max Kraus and Paula Siebert are investigating war crimes of unimaginable magnitude committed near the Russian Front, the empire the Nazis called Ostland. The man accused is called Georg Heuser. Assured of his guilt, Paula and Max have only one question left: What has happened to make this good man become a monster?

'A thought provoking account of an ordinary person's capacity to do evil ... a fascinating important book' Literary Review. (Literary Review)

'Very rarely do books reach into your psyche and take root. Ostland came along and kicked my door down. A wonderfully thought-provoking novel. Educational, entertaining and emotive throughout ...a first class read by an author at the top of their game' Crimesquad. (Crimesquad)

'With subtlety and intelligence, Thomas joins the historical dots to produce a novel with plenty to say - eloquently - about the brutalising effects of the Holocaust' Guardian. (Guardian)

David Thomas is a journalist and writer, who already has an ongoing thriller franchise under the name of Tom Cain, published in the UK by Transworld. Blood Relative will be the first book under his real name incarnation.

  • Published on: 2015-10-15
  • Released on: 2015-10-15
  • Dimensions: 8.90" h x 1.22" w x 5.59" l,
  • Binding: Paperback

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