The 72 Angel Cards: Dreams-Signs-Meditation
Kaya, Christiane Muller

The 72 Angel Cards: Dreams-Signs-Meditation


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Angels symbolize our capacity to dream and be aware of the multi-dimensions of Life; They are also Fields of Conscience representing Qualities, Virtues and Powers in their purest state. We can choose an Angelic State of Energy to work with by following the Angel Calendar (included in the set) based on the date and time of our birth; according to a problem we are experiencing or a quality we'd like to develop or improve; or we can simply pick an Angel card at random to see what we need to work on, or in answer to a specific question. Work with the Angels is spiritually autonomous work that helps us connect with deep memories in our unconscious and creates openings within us, which then manifest in dreams and powerful signs in our everyday lives. Through Angel recitation (i.e. repeating the name of an Angel like a mantra), we activate Angelic Energies and Powers within us thereby increasing our capacity to dream, dream recall, and we can also identify aspects of our dreams and better understand the meaning of our dreams & signs through the qualities and human distortions of the Angel Key we're working with. The set includes 74 cards in all and an introductory booklet. There are the 72 Angel Quality Cards with the associated distortions overleaf and 2 extra cards. One of the extra cards shows the annual Angel Calendar. The other lists the main Divine Laws; overleaf there is an illustration of the different layers of memories the Recitation practice is working on. The excellent booklet introduces us to Angel Work, The Traditional Study of Angels, and explains Angel Recitation as well as its benefits. Accessible to all, The 72 Angel Cards also constitutes an ideal complement to both bestsellers The Book of Angels, The Hidden Secrets, Dreams - Signs - Meditation and How to interpret Dreams & Signs. These Angel cards have been in the Top 100 Bestsellers with MVV, our German-speaking countries' book distributor for many years now, and are still in great demand.

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